Spot On Quartet

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Spot On has a rich history of barbershop in our families, here are the facts.

The McAlexander's (Maggie)

My mom Ann McAlexander, dad Brad McAlexander and brother Patrick McAlexander all sing barbershop, more details to come.

The Wheaton's (Jen)

My father Steve Wheaton and brother Drew Wheaton sing barbershop, my mother's father was also a barbershopper. More details to come.

The Coleman's (Joy)

Over 50 years ago, Cincinnati, OH was host to three barbershop choruses. One, the Delta Kings, which still exists today, and two others that eventually joined forces to form the Southern Gateway Chorus. Joy’s Dad’s Dad, Donald “Buck” Glenn Coleman Sr. sang with one of those two choruses. After the merging of the two choruses, he left the chorus and attended every show possible. In doing so, he introduced his son, Joy’s Dad Paul, to the Southern Gateway Chorus (SGC). At age 15, Paul became a member of the bass section and has sung with them ever since. He went on to earn several medals with SGC, including the International gold medal in1992 in New Orleans. In 1999, his quartet Desperado won the Johnny Appleseed District competition, and was an International competitor in Kansas City in 2000. He was the director of the Delta Kings from 2010- to fall of 2013. He remains with SGC as bass and lead section leader, and assistant director. In 2006, Paul started the Greater Cincinnati Harmony Festival (GCHF), a youth summer camp to educate high school aged students about the joys of barbershop harmony. Harmony Festival is going strong with its eleventh year approaching in June.

Joy’s Mom’s brother, Joe Lally also joined the Southern Gateway Chorus for some period of time. He, too, earned several medals with Paul and the chorus, including the gold in ’92,

Her younger brother, Zac, joined Gateway when he was just 10 years old. At the age of 17, he was asked by SGC director Joe Connelly to be the baritone in a quartet that was hand-picked for one song on the holiday show. Those four decided to form a college quartet, known as The Darlington Brothers. They placed as high as 6th at the Johnny Appleseed District and were International collegiate competitors in 2013 in Toronto. At the age of 23, Zac is still singing with SGC, and was recently named baritone section leader.

Matt, Joy’s husband discovered barbershop in high school and joined the Ambassadors of Harmony at the age of 18. Since then, he has won the Central States District (CSD) with two different quartets. Progression won in 2010 and were international competitors in 2011. Dominant Prep won CSD in 2012 and also finished 4th at the International collegiate quartet competition. Matt also sang in a quartet called Salty Dog, that placed as high as second in CSD. He was the VP of Youth in Harmony for CSD and was selected to serve in the small Youth in Harmony committee formed by the BHS. He is now the Conventions Coordinator for CSD, and the President of CSD's past champ's organization. Matt currently sings in a brand new quartet called Fleet Street, that placed third in their first contest! In January of 2013, he went to the Barbershop Harmony Society mid-winter youth chorus festival with a chorus called the Recruits from St. Louis, MO. At that competition, the Recruits won their plateau, and were awarded the Audience Favorite Award. The Recruits won their plateau again in the same festival in 2014. They didn't go in 2015, and then Matt aged out, but he still runs all of the behind the scenes for them. They are gearing up for the next festival in January 2017, where they will be able to perform as a mixed chorus!

The Wheaton's (Kris)

Yes, she has the same last name as Jen, but only since 2009. Their barbershop histories only share a few connections! 

Kris is a fourth generation barbershopper, and it all started with her great-grandfather, John "King" Miller. King was a member of the Louisville #1 chapter (later named the Thoroughbred Chorus). Several years after King passed away, his only son Jim decided to join the Thoroughbreds. 

Jim Miller may seem like a common name, but he was in no way a common man. Jim was often referred to as Mr. Barbershop, and for good reason! Jim was on the risers in 1962, when The Thoroughbreds won their first international championship. He then took over the musical leadership of the chorus, and took the Thoroughbreds to their other 6 international championships. In the late 80's, Jim became the director of the Southern Gateway Chorus of Cincinnati, and in 1992 directed them to the coveted gold medal. Jim was also a Harmony Accuracy judge in the old judging system of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He won the Cardinal District quartet competition in the Derbytowners ('59) and the Citations ('65). He competed on the international stage several times, and was a finalist twice. The Citations won every show they ever sang on, and in 1972 were a part of the USO tour in Vietnam. Jim was inducted into the Barbershop Harmony Hall of Fame in 2005, and received the Joe Liles Award in directing. He was Cardinal District Barbershopper of the Year in '66 and '76, Cardinal District Hall of Fame, and also spent some time as the director of the Kentuckiana and Derby City Choruses o Sweet Adelines.

Jim and his gorgeous wife Rosemary had two daughters, Donna and Kathy (Kris's mom). Donna and Kathy both joined choruses when they were younger, but not the same chorus. A little sibling rivalry. While Donna no longer sings in a chorus, she is an avid fan. Her son, Billy Crutcher, is a member of both the Thoroughbred Chorus and the Kentucky Vocal Union. Billy was on the risers in 1992 when Southern Gateway won and, to the best of our knowledge, still holds the record for the youngest gold medalist at the age of 12. Billy is the tenor of Miller's Boys Quartet, current second place and novice quartet of the Cardinal District.

As stated above, Kris's mom Kathy started singing in her teens. She was a member of the Falls of the Ohio Chorus, Kentuckiana Chorus, and a charter member of Derby City. She left Derby City in the mid-80's, her reasoning had something to do with wanting to spend more time with her daughter. In 1999, that same daughter wanted to start singing, so she joined the Pride of Kentucky Chorus. She has been in the Sweet Adelines International Chorus Finals a number of times, with her highest placement of 3rd in 2009.

Kris's other grandfather, Jim Hawkins, was also a barbershopper, yes she has barbershop family on both sides. Jim was a member the Dayton- Suburban Chapter from 1955-1963.

Jim's youngest son, Jay (Kris's dad), began barbershopping at the age of 16 when he joined the Bellefontaine Chapter. Jay was a member of the inaugural barbershop class at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). After graduating from BGSU, Jay became the musical director of the Bellefontaine Chapter. Jay won his first Johnny Appleseed District championship singing baritone in 1977 with the Coalition, who went on to compete at the international competition. It was in the photo at international that he met his wife, Kathy. When Jay moved to Louisville, he joined the Thoroughbred Chorus. He won 2 international competitions with the Thoroughbreds. He won the the Cardinal District in 1982 with the Interstate Rivals singing bass, who later went on the win the international quartet championship in 1987. In the early '90s he joined the Southern Gateway chorus, and earned gold in 1992. He joined the Naturals quartet singing baritone, and was an international medalist. In 1994 he went back to bass and won the Johnny Appleseed district with Marquis, who went on to win the international quartet competition in 1995. In the year 2000, Jay won the Cardinal district quartet competition with the Sensations, also in that year he became the musical director for the Louisville Thoroughbreds. In 2009 Jay's quartet, Lucky Day won the Sunshine district, and in 2011 his quartet the Franchise won the Johnny Appleseed district. In 2012, Jay won the international senior quartet championship with Rusty Pipes. Jay was at one time a Sound judge, in the old judging system. He is now the bass section leader for the Thoroughbred Chorus and sings bass in Miller's Boys Quartet, the 2013 second place and novice quartet of the Cardinal district.

Kris's brother, J.J., also sings barbershop. He joined the Southern Gateway Chorus when he was 12 years old, and competed with them in the international chorus contest in Portland, OR 2002. He is a charter member of the Kentucky Vocal Union (chartered in 2006), and has placed as high as 3rd in the international chorus competition, also in Portland, OR in 2012. He is the baritone of Miller's Boys Quartet, the 2013 second place and novice quartet of the Cardinal district.

Kris's husband, Drew, is also a barbershopper. He started singing in 1995 as a member of the Pierrefonds, Quebec Chapter, which became the Island City Chorus in 1996 after merging with another chorus. He joined his first quartet, 4 Tonight Only, with his father when he was 14, singing tenor. At 16 he joined the quartet South Side and, a year later, placed second in the North Eastern District. He then tried to start various College Quartets and finally competed with Thunder Cats in 2008 in the North Eastern District. With a couple of membership changes Thunder Cats became Blend Tech and placed 16th (2009) and 13th (2010) in the International College Quartet Competition. In 2009 Drew joined the Kentucky Vocal Union and has competed with them 3 times at International, most recently placing 3rd in 2012 in Portland, OR. Drew joined the quartet Lucky Day (with Jay), who then changed their name to The Franchise, in July 2010, who then won the  Johnny Appleseed District in 2011 and in 2012 placed 18th in the International competition. In January 2012 Drew began directing the Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus and has taken them back to competition increasing in size and score. in December of 2012 Drew joined the then current 7th place international quartet, Forefront, and in July, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario they placed 5th and earned a bronze medal at the International competition. in October 2013 Drew placed second and won the novice quartet award with Miller's Boys in the Cardinal District competition. Drew still continues to sing and perform with KVU, Miller's Boys and Forefront and directs the Thoroughbreds and in his spare time, he makes learning tracks (AKW Recording) for barbershoppers everywhere. FOREFRONT WON!!!

Miller's Boys Quartet is a group that Kris is very proud of. The quartet is a tribute quartet dedicated to her grandparents, Jim and Rosemary Miller. The quartet consists of Jim and Rosemary's two grandsons, son-in-law and grandson-in-law.