Spot On Quartet

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Maggie McAlexander (tenor/baritone)

Maggie is a pretty sassy lady. She's a dancer and a singer and will someday be running a political campaign. She is from Fishers, IN, but moved to Nashville, TN to go to Belmont University in 2014. But, she was too smart for those people, so she transferred to Vanderbilt University, and now she feels right at home. She's getting ready to take over the world, and we aren't going to stop her!

She has a Sweet Ads chorus gold medal or two, I can't remember. She sang with the Melodeers and her Mom loves to tell the story of when Jim Arnes told her she was too loud. We feel the same way, Jim. ;) Kris asked her to sing with us and she was "very interested." The rest is history.

Her boyfriend, Kev Kev, is very dreamy and he's also super funny and MAYBE even as smart as she is!!!! Although, we all know she would actually rather date her brother. She's not 21, yet but we do know that she cries when she's drunk, and it's hilarious to look back on. She is obsessed with Gilmore Girls and she knows it so well that she can tell you the name of the episode any quote came from. Although, she likes Jess, which is just silly because everyone knows that Logan is the best one. Even Jen thinks so.

Jen Wheaton (lead/tenor)

Jen is nice.

Joy Suellentrop (baritone/lead)

Joy likes to say that music runs in her blood. She started singing at a very young age with her family at church, as her grandmother was the pianist for their church choir. When she was nine years old, she joined the Cincinnati Children’s Choir and toured all over the country with them, as well as a trip to England in the summer of 1998. In high school, Joy was lucky enough to be a part of every single play and musical at Kings High School, along with several professional plays at the Aronoff Theater in downtown Cincinnati. At age 15, Joy joined The Queen City Chorus of Sweet Adeline’s Intl (SAI) and went on with them to win the small chorus International competition at IES in 2004. They later merged with The Seven Hills Chorus to form The Cincinnati Sound Chorus, who has won the Region 4 competition once, and continues to place in the Top 5 at Regional each year. She claimed the assistant director title just this past year, but has since moved and has left the chorus. Her current chorus is the St. Louis Harmony Chorus (SLHC), where she holds many roles, most importantly, baritone section leader. SLHC won the small chorus plateau at the Region 5 Regional competition in April of 2016, and is now gearing up to go to the Harmony Classic in 2017 for the International small chorus competition. She was also the baritone of the 2009 international Rising Star 2nd place medalists, the Brats.

Joy currently resides in St. Louis with her husband, Matt where she works at a Honda dealership as the receptionist/file clerk. In her spare time, Joy likes to hang out with Matt and all of their friends, and sing as many tags as possible! She would like to express just how much she loves the girls of Spot On and that she isn’t quite sure where she would be without them. Spot On is her ultimate achievement in life, and she couldn’t imagine going on this journey with anyone besides Jen, Maggie, and Kris.

Kris Wheaton (bass)

Kris was born into the ultimate barbershop family, or at least that's what she thinks. Her parents both say she was singing before she was talking, in fact her dad used to make her match pitch constantly. All throughout elementary school she was always on the stage. She had the only solo in her kindergarten show, and was one of the youngest members in the Cantor Club (the elite choir at her school) during their first year, and remained a member until she graduated 8th grade. While in high school, she performed in every play. She was a member of the choir, and received the "Music Award" at her graduation. She also took dance for 12 years; including jazz, tap and lyrical ballet.

After watching so many great men in her family do amazing things in barbershop, she decided it was her turn. So at the age of 13, she told her mom she wanted to join a chorus, and the rest was history! When Kris first joined the Pride of Kentucky Chorus (PoKY) of Sweet Adelines International (SAI), she sang tenor, and continued to sing tenor for the next 8 years. It wasn't until she was singing tags with her best friend, Joy Coleman, that she thought she could try bass. As a member of PoKY, she has won regional and been to international 7 times, with the highest international finish at 3rd in 2009. She also sings in the (prospective) Bluegrass Harmony chorus of Harmony, Incorporated. Kris has also had some quartet success outside of Spot On. She was the bass of Lucky Day, who won regional in 2008 and 2010. Lucky Day competed on the (SAI) international stage 4 times and placed as high as 12th in 2011. She also sang bass in The Brats, who placed 2nd in the 2009 International Rising Star competition. 

Kris lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Drew. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Special Education (birth to primary). She works at the Early Learning Campus at the University of Louisville. In her spare time (what's that?), she likes to spend time with Drew, and her friends and family, especially her 5 favorite youngins Caroline, Jodie, Kennedy, Morgan and Callie.